Oil, tomato or butter toast 2,60€
Toast with tomato and serrano ham 8,40€
Scrambled egg toast with avocado 5,10€
Scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage 5,80€
Croissant 2,50€
Piadina serrana: cheese, serrano ham and
Bagel with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese,
wild sprouts and tomato
Fartons (depends on season) 1,10€
Horchata (depends on season) 3,60€




8:00 a 11:00

Tuna and olives 6,00€
Bacon and cheese 6,00€
Battered squid 6,00€
French omelette and serrano ham 6,00€
Almussafes: sobrassada, onion and cheese 6,00€
Pobla: battered baby squid with mayonnaise 6,00€
Blanc i negre: blood sausage and pork sausage 6,00€
Brascada: beef, onion and serrano ham 7,00€
El Coso: loin, cheese, egg and tomato 7,00€
Ibérico: iberian ham and tomato 7,00€
Chivito: loin, cheese, bacon, egg, lettuce and mayonnaise 7,00€


Cantabrian anchovy with tomatoe and crumb dread 2,50€
chicken from barnyard salad 8,40€
Iberic ham 19,20€
Cured cheese board 8,40€
Typical Andalusian battered baby squid with tartar sauce 9,80€
Aral potatoes 7,80€
Homemade ham croquette (1 ud.) 2,10€
Homemade shrimp croquette (1 ud.) 2,10€
Crispy cheese mixture with caramelized onion 9,80€
Cuttlefish with onions and tomato 8,10€
Battered squid with sweet chili sauce 8,90€
Valencian mussels 8,90€
Grilled or salted red prawn 12,40€


Beer cane 1,50€
Double 2,00€
Beer Tank 4,00€
Beer jar 9,20€
Tercio San Miguel 2,20€
Tercio Estrella Galicia 2,20€
Tercio Magna 3,00€
Tercio 1906 3,00€
Sangria Pitcher 9,20€
Soft drink 2,20€
Soda water 2,40€
Wine glass 2,20€
Natural orange juice 3,50€
Pineapple/peach juice 1,80€
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